Tacoma Little Theater | Rabbit Hole

Last week I had the opportunity to drop by and photograph a local theater here in Tacoma, Tacoma Little Theater. We drive by this theater regularly and my wife has been very curious about this theater. We both like going to plays and I consider myself, not so easy to please sort of audience.

The play currently going on is called, Rabbit Hole. You can read more about the play here I was so pleasantly surprised with everything related to the play. Play direction is very life-like. Language & dialogues are natural and nothing like what you otherwise see [read over the top]. Casting is accurate and actors playing each role just seem to fit the silhouette. Acting is natural and impressive. Each actor knows their role and seem work through the play effortlessly.

Anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area interested in some quality work in theater, should definitely drop by. I give two huge thumbs up!