Devil’s Thumb ’19

My in-laws started a wonderful tradition of getting together at the Devil’s Thumb every Jan/Feb in CO. Of course this is a skiing weekend, and some quality time with the family. My skiing skills are borderline acceptable, but then I excel at other areas! From last couple of years I have mostly been shooting Porta. This year it was M2, and last year was Mamiya M7 II.

Cookie Party

These were shot on December 10, 2017. Our first cookie party in our new house, and we had few friends over. My wife was playing our friend’s daughter, and was very beautifully back lit. I was in and out of the living room, I saw the moment/light, and grabbed my M9. and asked her to stay still. These are the moments where I see the magic of CCD sensor in M9. I think I should write my impressions about M9!


Getting +\- 16″ of snow in a weekend is news to the ones who live in the PNW, perhaps not to anyone else! These are straight from iPhone. I might post some portraits I took of my wife during our walks, as there wasn’t any other form of exercise possible, we just walked and walked!


After surviving a snow storm in the PNW, I am thinking about the last summer. This was the first time our Pear tree in last 2 years bear so many Pears [Ha!] We had to spray most of the tree with anti-fungal oil. I believe we only picked 2/3rd of the pears, and we gave away alot to neighbors & friends!